Conflict of Interest Policy outlines the parameters of conflict of interest for employees and / or service providers of LNGFlex Limited (“LNGFlex”). Employees of LNGFlex are expected to adhere to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity and protect the interests of LNGFlex. Personal gain shall not conflict with duty to LNGFlex Limited.

An employee shall be considered to have potential conflict of interest where he or she has a direct or indirect financial interest in a matter involving LNGFlex Limited and where the employee could influence or appear to be able to influence any decision on that matter by LNGFlex. This includes close relatives working interest in other companies, acceptance of personal gifts beyond moderate courtesy, purchasing decisions for personal gain and /or written or public statements in conflict with LNGFlex Limited.

Employees and related firms or suppliers are not precluded from selling goods, materials or services to LNGFlex provided this activity is consistent with generally accepted competitive commercial practices.

If a potential conflict exists because of an employee’s personal related interest in a matter, the employee shall advise his I her supervisor immediately.

LNGFlex shall ensure that the necessary orientations are conducted to communicate contents of this Policy.

LNGFlex’s Chief Executive is responsible for final decisions on matters of potential or actual conflicts of interest.

The Policy, its implementation and results shall be periodically reviewed by LNGFlex Limited.