It is a cornerstone of LNGFlex Limited (“LNGFlex”) policy to take all practical measures to provide a working environment free of all kinds of harassment and intimidation. Harassment is a conduct, which is unwanted or offensive to the recipient and the company considers it strongly unacceptable behaviour in principle. This includes persistent comments. actions, jokes or suggestions unwanted by the recipient leading to the creation of an intimidating environment.

Other forms of harassment or bullying may include:

  • Physical contact. sexual or otherwise
  • Request for sexual favors
  • Offensive language, gossip or slander, posters, graffiti and obscene gestures
  • Pestering, spying and stalking
  • Persistent undermining of confidence, competence and self-esteem
  • Undignified treatment or exclusion of people with disabilities
  • Express/ implied threat of dismissal/loss of promotion on racial grounds or for refusal of sexual favors

Harassment occurring on grounds of sex, race, age, disability, political views and religious views shall all fall under the scope of this policy.

All employees will be expected to comply strictly with this policy and take appropriate measures to ensure that such conduct does not occur. Violations will be dealt with ‘Zero Tolerance” through swift investigations leading to dismissal from service as a maximum punishment. Past good conduct of an individual shall not be a consideration for leniency.

LNGFlex will also not tolerate harassment of its employees by non-employees such as vendors or clients, equally it is unacceptable for employees of the company to harass such non-employees.

Anti-Harassment Policy, its implementation and results shall be reviewed annually by LNGFlex Board for continuous improvement.