LNGFlex is committed to sustainability and obeys the principles of sustainable development and continuous performance improvement by implementing and maintaining an integrated system. This system is sustained by maintaining focus and continuous due diligence in following areas: ​

Core values

Our core values are based on reliability, integrity, and efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance

We place the highest priority on complying with all laws, regulations, directives, and rules within the framework provided by all concerned Authorities and laws of Pakistan.

Health, Safety & Environment

The Management puts great emphasis on Health, Safety,
and Environment.

The health, safety and well-being of our employees and the
communities where we operate remain our top priority. Safety is
our foundation for success.

We are committed, through use of technology and strict
compliance to the country’s rules and regulations, to protect the
environment where we conduct our business by minimizing waste
generation, preserving air and water quality, protecting marine
fauna and flora and in general protection of habitable
environment for general public.

Operation Reliability

LNGFlex Limited has implemented a strict check-and-balance system throughout
the LNG supply chain, involving Port operations, ISO tank filling, transportation of
ISO tanks by road and all other areas where LNG loading and unloading process
takes place.

LNGFlex Limited takes responsibility for the impact of its operations and focuses
on safety and operational excellence which helps to ensure that we remain a
company that is committed to implementing all applicable codes and standards
and rules & regulations in conducting our business.

Training & Development

LNGFlex has robust training program for its employees to understand and ensure the compliance to company’s commitment to HSE, Regulatory and operational reliability.

The objective of the training program is to ensure that the company is operated and managed by engineers who have experience and understanding of the complexities of the business operations and be prepared to mitigate and handle the challenges involved.