This document sets out the guiding principles and values that LNGFlex Limited (“LNGFlex”) will apply in its dealings with regulators, employees, government agencies, third parties, suppliers, communities and all other stakeholders.  This document is available to all our stakeholders and any other legitimately interested parties. The two key objectives of this policy are:

  • To convey a clear understanding to all stakeholders of what they should expect when conducting business with LNGFlex.
  • To define what LNGFlex expects from, and how LNGFlex will interact with all stakeholders to develop mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with LNGFlex.

In summary it is our intention to:

  • Work with third parties to achieve our stated goals on HSE Policy
  • Comply with the laws of Pakistan.
  • Support the principle of competition.
  • Act at all times in accordance with established delegated financial authorities including the principle of separation of duties.
  • Follow the nationally and globally accepted principles of human rights
  • Seek to do business with third parties whose policies are consistent with our own, and make them aware of our commitments and expectations and of their responsibilities in implementing them.
  • Create mutual advantage in our third-party relationships, supported by transparency of cost and performance.
  • Protect LNGFlex’s name and reputation by conducting our third-party business with integrity and professionalism, showing respect for human dignity and the rights of the individual.
  • We will not offer, solicit or accept bribes in any form. No personal gain will be sought by individuals involved in third party dealings. Any incident of bribery, if discovered, obligates the employee to the Chief Executive Officer. We will expect similar standards of behaviour from LNGFlex’s suppliers and contractors. Suppliers and contractors who breach, or attempt to breach, these business principles in their dealings with LNGFlex are likely to be excluded from further consideration for the supply of goods or services to LNGFlex.